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Etymology/ Definitionदृष्टार्तवं यस्मिन् काले स दृष्टार्तवकालः ऋतुः। सु. शा. ३/६ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Sha.3/6 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningThis is a technical term of Ayurveda signifying the period in a female life, which is most conducive for conception.
Implied MeaningAs per Sus`hruta the period in which ovulation starts and is the right period for conception, which lasts for twelve days is called Ritukaala.
ElaborationLike Aartava the word Ritu has been used to denote both the menstrual period and the period of ovulation. Those who take sixteen days as Ritu integrate both periods. Sus`hruta has clearly mentioned the period of ovulation. The word Drisht`aartava is significant. This means that the period of menstruation is already over and later period implies most conducive period for conception, which lasts for twelve days. There are certain signs and symptoms, which indicate whether a woman is in the specified period and can conceive. This is called Ritumatee Lakshan`aani
AntonymRitu Vyateeta Kaala

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