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Etymology/ Definitionचक्षुषे हितं न भवति तत् अचक्षुष्यम् । अ. हृ. सू. ५/५५ हेमाद्रिः चक्षुषो अपथ्यम् अचक्षुष्यम् । अ. सं. सू. १०/२८
Literary MeaningM / W – wholesome for the eyes or the eyesight
Implied MeaningThose substances or procedures, which are harmful to either eyes, eyesight or both, are termed as Achakshushya.
ElaborationEyes are Tejas dominant part of human body. Kapha mainly vitiates it. Hence, it is necessary to avoid Kapha aggravating diet and behaviour to protect eyes. Anjana ( applying eye drops / colliryum ) is a good cleansing procedure. It should be perform once a week as a preventive measure against Kapha diseases.
Some unwholesome factors to eyes –
Tila Taila ( when consumed internally )
Atilavan`a ( very salty diet – Ati Lavan`am Achakshushyam ) A. Sangraha. Su. 10 / 28
Haritaka Varga ( green leafy vegetables – Drik S`hukra Indriya Naas`hanam ) A. Sangraha. Su. 7 / 153 – 155

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