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Audbhida Dravya

KeywordAudbhida Dravya
Etymology/ Definitionउद्भिद्य पृथिवीं जायन इति औद्भिदं वृक्षादि । च. सू. १/६८ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – coming forth, springing forth , breaking through.
Implied MeaningThe substances that emerge after perforating the earth – the plants
ElaborationThese are divided into Dravya of four types:
1. Vanaspati – Plants that bear fruit without apparent flowering are called Vanaspati . e. g. Banyan tree ( Ficus Bengalansis ).
2. Vaanaspatya – Plants, which bear fruits after flowering are called Vaanaspatya e. g. Mango tree ( Mangifera Indica )
3. Oshadhi – Plants, which die on maturity of fruit are called Oshadhi e. g. Rice, Wheat
4. Veerudh – Plants growing as creepers or growing in clumps or cluster are called Veerudh . e. g. Gudoochi ( Tinospora Cordifolia )
Contemporary ColloquialPlant kingdom
AntonymJaangama, Khanija

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