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Samyak Yoga

KeywordSamyak Yoga
Etymology/ Definition योग: सम्यक्‌ प्रकृति: । च. सि. ६/३१
ReferenceC.Su.15/13 Chakrapaan`i, C.Si.6/31, A.H.Su.18/24
Literary MeaningAppropriate action of drug
Implied MeaningThis term is mainly used to indicate appropriate effect of Panchakarma Procedures. Adequate expulsion of Dosha in appropriate amount and direction.
ElaborationDuring the procedure of emesis, if Dosha are expelled out adequately in the same direction ( through mouth ), and in the expected order ( i. e. initially Kapha, then Pitta, and then Vaata ), then it is said to be Samyak Yoga of emesis. In general, the term is used to describe appropriateness. It is also applied to various procedures viz. purgation, blood letting etc.
AntonymAtiyoga, Ayoga

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