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Etymology/ Definitionशुक्रशोणितसंयोगे यो भवेद्दोष उत्कट:। प्रकृति: जायते तेन। सु. शा. ४/६३
ReferenceC.Vi 8/95, A.H.Sha.3/83, S.Sha.4/63
Literary MeaningM / W – constitution
Implied MeaningPrakriti is the individual constitution decided at the time of conception ( S`hukra – S`hon`ita Sanyoga ) due to the dominance of Dosha .
ElaborationThe physical constitution of a foetus is determined by the status of following factors:
1. S`hukra S`hon`ita Prakriti ( Sperms and ovum )
2. Kaalagarbhaas`haya Prakriti ( Season and condition of uterus )
3. Maaturaahaaraprakriti ( Food and regimens of the Mother )
4. Mahaabhootavikaaraprakriti ( Nature of Mahaabhoota comprising the foetus )
The fertilised ovum gets afflicted with one or more Dosha, which are under the influence of one or more of the above – mentioned factors. Thus the physical constitution of an individual is determined on the basis of these dominant Dosha in the above – mentioned factors when they initially unite to form the foetus.
There are 7 categories of physical constitutions:
Single Dosha predominant – 3,
Two Dosha ( Vaata Pittaja Prakriti ) predominant – 3 and
All the three Dosha – 1.
Contemporary ColloquialPhysical constitution

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