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Etymology/ Definitionरविप्रकाशः तेजः परमाणुपुञ्जः । सु. चि. २४/८६
ReferenceS.Chi.24/86 D`alhan`a ,A.H.Su.14/6
Literary MeaningM / W – heat ( especially of the sun ), sunshine
Implied Meaning1. D`alhan`a defines Aatapa as a cluster of sunlight molecules.
2. It is one of the S`hamana procedures described by Vaagbhat`a.
Elaboration1. Excessive exposure to sunlight causes aggravation of Pitta, Rakta , heat and results in conditions like thirst, burning sensation, Moorchchhaa ( syncope ), Bhrama ( giddiness ), excessive sweating, and Vivarn ataa ( discoloration of skin ). These symptoms are alleviated in chhaayaa ( shadow ) ( S. Chi. 24 / 86 ).
2. In palliative mode, aggravated Kapha and Vaata respond very well upon exposure to sunlight as both Vaata and Kapha have opposite properties than sunlight.
Contemporary ColloquialSunbathing

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