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Etymology/ Definitionशोषणे रूक्षः । अ. हृ. सू. १/१८ हेमाद्रिः
Literary MeaningM / W – drying up, making dry , draining, parching , withering
Implied MeaningAnything that dries out or emaciates is called as S`hoshan`a .
ElaborationAny dry substance soaks liquid material. It is possible because of its dryness i. e. Rookshatva Vaata Dosha is dry. Pitta is slightly unctuous ( Sasneha ); but when its hot attribute increases and then its unctuous property lowers down which results increase in dry attribute of Pitta.
If dryness increases, they will act upon the unctuous property of all the body elements, lowering unctuousness. Eventually, they dry out the Dhaatu i. e. increased catabolism will lead to the emaciation. It is called as S`hosha or S`hoshan`a .
This phenomena is seen in the diseases like Trishn`aa ( abnormal thirst ). S`hoshan`a / Rookshan`a is used as treatment in the symptoms of excessive unctuousness in the human body ( Ati Snehana ). Takra is a good dietary substance causing Rookshan`a .

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