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Etymology/ Definition पुष्पैः वानस्पत्यः फलैः अपि । च. सू. १/७२
उद्भिद्य पृथिवीं जायत इति औद्भिदं, वृक्षादि । च. सू. १/७२ चक्रपाणि
पुष्पैः वानस्पत्यः फलैः अपि इति पुष्पानन्तरं फलभाज इति । चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – any flowering fruit – tree, such as the Mango
Implied MeaningVaanaspatya is any flowering fruit – tree. It means it bears fruits after flowering stage.
ElaborationJangama, Audbhida and Paarthiva are three types of Dravya . Of these three types, Vaanaspatya is a sub type of Audbhida.
Audbhida is a group of plants, which breaks through the soil by breaking it. It refers to plant kingdom.
The division of Audbhida is as follows:
1. Vanaspati 2. Vaanaspatya 3. Oshadhee 4. Veerudha
Vaanaspatya are those plants, which bear fruits after pollination in flowers. It means flowering stage is first stage in the plant life and fruits are formed after pollination. Such plants are Vaanaspatya. E. g. Aamra Mangifera indica ), S`hleshmaataka Cordia myxa Roxb .) etc.

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