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Dadhi Varga

KeywordDadhi Varga
Literary MeaningDadhi means curd.
Implied MeaningGroup of curds prepared from milk of various animals.
ElaborationGeneral qualities of curd: Madhura, Amla , slightly Kashaaya ( astringent ) in taste ; it is unctuous, hot, aphrodisiac. It is used in Peenasa, Vishamajvara, Arochaka, Mootrakrichchhra, Kaars`hya . It is one of the 108 sacred elements ( Mangala Dravya ).
Curd is of three types –
Madhura ( Sweet ) – it is Mahaa Abhishyandi
Amla ( acidic ) – it increases Kapha and Pitta
Ati Amla ( hyperacidic ) – it vitiates Blood
Based on method of preparation, type of milk etc. attributes of curd changes.
The types of Curd are:
1. Manda Jaata ( which is partly turned in to the form of curd )
2. Go Dadhi ( Curd prepared from milk of cow )
3. Ajaa Dadhi . ( Curd prepared from milk of she goat )
4. Mahishee Dadhi ( Curd prepared from milk of buffalo )
5. Vastraadi Gaalita Dadhi ( filtered curd )
6. Dadhi Sara .
7. Mastu .

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