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Etymology/ Definitionमारयन्ति इति मर्माण्यच्यन्ते । सु. शा.६/३ डल्हण, म्रियते अस्मिन्नङग उपहत इति मर्म । अ.ह्र. शा.४/१ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceS.Sha.6/3, A.H.Sha.4/1 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningVital body points, M / W – mortal spot , vulnerable point , any open or exposed or weak or sensitive part of the body
Implied MeaningMarma are the specific places on the body. Trauma to theses vital points leads untimely to death.
ElaborationThose areas on the body, which exhibit pain on pressure or pulsation on pressure. These are the areas where the twelve circulating Praan`a are found collectively. Hence here a person is most vulnerable. These Marma ( vital points ) have importance while diagnosing, predicting prognosis and treating various Vaata related diseases.
Sus`hruta describes 107 Marma in all. According to him their types as per the structure are:
Maamsa ( muscular vital points ) – 11
Siraa ( vascular vital points )- 41
Snaayu ( ligamenal vital points )- 27
Asthi ( Vital points related to bones )- 8
Sandhi ( Vital points related to joints )- 20
Types and number of Marma ( vital points ) in the body as regards trauma are:
1. Saddyopraan`ahara – Trauma to these vital points causes immediate death ( 19 )
2. Vaikalyakara – Trauma to these vital points leads to disability ( 44 )
3. Rujaakara – Trauma to these vital points causes pain ( 8 )
4. Vis`halyghna – Fatal after extraction of foreign body ( 3 )
5. Kalaantarapraan`ahara – Trauma to these vital points leads to death after some time ( 33 ).

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