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Etymology/ Definition आमपक्वाशयचर: समानो वह्निसंङ्गत: । सोऽन्नं पचति तज्जांश्च विशेषान्विविनक्ति हि। सु.नि.१/१६
ReferenceC.Chi.28/8, A.H.Su.12/8, S.Ni.1/16
Literary MeaningM / W – one of the five vital airs ( which circulates or is diffused through the body )
Implied MeaningA type of Vaata , which resides near Antaraagni ( between Aamaas ` haya and Pakvaas ` haya ) and enhances strength of Agni .
ElaborationIt moves everywhere in the abdomen ( Kosht ` ha ) and digests consumed food , assimilates it in to Saara ( essence ) and Kitta ( wastes ). It also contributes in elimination of waste products .
Vitiation of Samaana Vaayu develops diseases like Gulma ( various tumours ), depletion of digestive power , diarrhoea .

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