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Utkles`hana Basti

KeywordUtkles`hana Basti
Etymology/ Definition उत्क्लेशनं दोषाणां उत्क्लेशनम्‌ । अ.ह्र.सू.१९/६१ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceA.H.Su.19/61 Arun`adatta, Sh.S.U.6/16
Literary MeaningUtkles`hana means aggravation or exciting, Basti means enema.
Implied MeaningThe enema administered by using Utkles`hana substances, which precipitate the harbouring Dosha , is termed as Utkles`hana Basti
ElaborationVaagbhat`a states that excessive administration of oil base enema leads to aggravation of Dosha ( aggravation or excitement of Dosha ).
S`haarangadhara describes specific period for the administration of this type of enema. It should be administered alongwith other types of Nirooha Basti . During the course of series of enemas, the first one is to be prepared with Dosha aggravating substances ( i. e. Utkles`hana enema ), next Dosha reducing enema ( Doshahara ) should be administered and in the end enema with Dosha pacifying substances should be administered.
Substances used for Utkles`hana enema: seeds of Recinus comminus , sweet flag root, and long piper.
AntonymDoshahara Basti

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