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Etymology/ Definitionअनुशस्त्राणि हीनशस्त्राणि शस्त्रसदृशानि वा। सु.सू.८/१५डल्हण
ReferenceS. Su.8/15 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningM / W – any subsidiary weapon or instrument, anything used in place of a regular surgical instrument ( e. g. finger – nail ).
Implied MeaningIt is not an actual surgical instrument but it is used for similar functions due to its applicability
ElaborationThere is a dual intention to call them Anus`hastra ( Subsidiary sharp instrument )  1. While treating diseases, if there is a need to use a sharp instrument but patient is scared about the application of any particular S`hastra , then Anus`hastra is used e. g. for bloodletting. Jalaukaa ( leeches ) is the alternative choice of any sharp instrument and it is also indicated in children. 2. Unavailability of S`hastra e. g. where probing is indicated, and probe is not available hair, fingers are used for probing.
Other Anus`hastra Kshaara Agni , Leech, Baamboo etc.

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