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Arisht`a Lakshan`a

KeywordArisht`a Lakshan`a
Etymology/ Definitionनियत मरणख्यापकं लिङ्गं अरिष्टम्।, अरिष्टानि अत्र मरणलक्षणानि । सु.सू.२८।३ डल्हण
ReferenceC.In.2/3, S.Su.28/2 D`alhan`a, A.H.5/2, M.Ni.2/3 Madhukos`ha
Literary MeaningM / W – Vital signs of bad prognosis or death. Proof against injury or damage, death.
Implied MeaningThese signs are indicative of a disease being terminal. These signs appear when the Dosha of the constitution undergo adverse change. It means that the person will succumb to the condition and will not recover.
Indicative signs or symptoms of life threatening condition / death or grave prognosis of disease.
ElaborationThe physician while determining the prognosis of the disease and the patient should diligently look for theses signs and symptoms. They can present themselves in many forms like sudden onset without apparent cause in voice alteration, skin colour, temperature, nature, sleep pattern and dreams etc.
They can indicate the remaining life span. They can be found in the individual or they can also occur as omens.
AntonymDeerghaayu Lakshan`a

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