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Etymology/ Definition संचयं च प्रकोपं च प्रसरं स्थानसंश्रयम्‌ ।
व्यक्तिं भेदं च यो वेत्ति दोषाणां स भवेद्भिषक्‌। सु. सू. २१/३६
Implied MeaningThese are six stages for evolution of a disease, described in Sus`hruta Samhitaa . These are also stages of management of the same disease. Every disease follows these stages.
ElaborationThese are six stages of development of a disease.
Various stages of evolution of disease are:
1. Chaya – accumulation of Dosha because of action of aetiological factors
2. Prakopa – further increase in accumulated Dosha due to continuation of aetiological factors
3. Prasaara – dissemination of Dosha
4. Sthaanasams`hraya – localisation of Dosha in a particular tissue or organ
5. Vyakti – manifestation of a disease
6. Bheda – further differentiation into subtypes of a disease.

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