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Etymology/ Definitionवृद्धिः स्वप्रमाणाधिक्यम् । अ.हृ.सू.१/१४ अरूणदत्त
ReferenceC.Su.17/3, S.Ni.12/3 D`alhan`a, M.Ni.37/1- 2, A.H.Ni.11/2,
A.H.1/14 Arun`adatta
Literary MeaningM / W – growth, increase, enlargement of the scrotum ( either from swelled testicle or hydrocele )
Implied Meaning1. It is the aggravated state of Dosha Dhaatu Mala
2. A type of disease
Elaboration1. Due to specific causes body constitutes ( Dosha Dhaatu Mala ) tend to aggravate substantially, qualitatively or functionally further leading to development of related symptoms. Vaata Kapha and Pitta possess some mutually opposite properties. So Vriddhi ( aggravation ) of a Dosha generally leads to compensatory depletion of other Dosha . If Vaata Dosha is aggravated due to dry attribute, simultaneously it results in depletion of unctuous attribute of Kapha . Symptoms of aggravation of Dosha Dhaatu ( body tissues ), and Mala ( waste products ) are described in classical texts.2. One of the Dosha when aggravated downwards to reach channels of scrotum produce enlargement in testicles. This is known as Vriddhi ( enlargement of scrotum ). It is of seven types.

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