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Etymology/ Definitionपादः चतुर्थो भागः । च.सू.७।३७ चक्रपाणि वैद्योषधपरिचारकरोगिणाचिकित्सायाश्चत्वारः पादः चतुष्पादः । च.सू.९/२ चक्रपाणि
ReferenceC.Su.9/2 Chakrapaan`i, C.Su.7/37 Chakrapaan`i
Literary MeaningM / W – the foot, quarter, a fourth part, a section of a book consisting of 4 parts
Implied Meaning1. Chikitsaapaada – Management is a team effort but each team member’s effort is called Paada.
2. A type of secondary instrument ( Anu Yantra ) e. g. foot in the surgical management, The foot is used to support the area being treated especially for reduction of fractures of lower extremity.
3. One of the 11 Indriya ( sensory organs )
4. A measure – one fourth part
Elaboration1. Four aspects of Chikitsaa ( treatment ) are the physician, the medicine, the attendant, and the patient. Theses are Chatushpaada ( four pillars ) of Chikitsaa .
2. Vaagbhat`a mentions Paada as a secondary instrument
3. Foot is one of 11 Indriya, which is useful for action like walking ( Gamana Karma )
4. A unit of measurement, which means one of four parts.
Contemporary ColloquialFraction, quarter,

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