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Etymology/ Definitionइक्षोः विकाराः इक्षुविकाराः ।
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ Ikshu’ means the sugar – cane, ‘ Vikriti’ means any production ( anything made of ) a derivative, formation, development
Implied MeaningIkshuvikriti refers to sugarcane juice and its products.
ElaborationIkshu means sugarcane juice. Ikshuvikriti means various products prepared from sugarcane juice. Products derived from sugarcane are as follows:
Sugar, jaggery ( Gud`a ), Matsyan`d`ikaa, Khan`d`a Sitaa and Phaan`ita ( the inspissated juice of the sugar cane / mollases ).
Sugar is the best product amongst all these Ikshu Vikriti , whereas Phaan`it`a is the lowest quality product as it vitiates all three Dosha Matsyan`d`ikaa, Khan`d`a and Sitaa ; they are of all good qualities in ascending order and are aphrodisiac.

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