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Etymology/ Definitionवाय्वाग्निभूयिष्ठत्वात कटुका । च.सू.२६/४२/४
ReferenceC.Su.26/42, A.H.Su.10/17,
Literary MeaningM / W – pungent, acrid, sharp ( one of the six kinds of flavours )
Implied MeaningIt is one of the six Rasa ( i. e. bitter ), which has dominance of Vaayu and Agni Mahaabhoota.
ElaborationThe drugs and diet having pungent taste keep the mouth clean, promote digestion, help in absorption of food, cause secretion through nose, lacrimation, and stimulate the sense organs. They cure diseases like obesity, urticaria, and chronic conjunctivitis. They help in elimination of waste products, which are sticky in nature and induce sweating. They also make food delicious ( Rochati As`hanam ), cure itching, allay excessive growth of ulcers, kill germs, corrode the muscle tissue, break blood clots and other obstructions, clear the passage, and alleviate Kapha. They are light, hot, and unctuous.
Excessive consumption of Kat`u Rasa destroys manhood by virtue of their Vipaaka ( post digestive taste ), and causes loss of consciousness ( Moha ). It induces weariness, choking, giddiness, burning sensation, and produces heat and thirst. It also diminishes strength due to the specific actions of Katu Rasa .
SynonymsOoshan ` a
Contemporary ColloquialPungent

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