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Praan`a Vaayu

KeywordPraan`a Vaayu
Etymology/ Definitionवायुर्यो वक्त्रसंचारी स प्राणो नाम देहधृक्। सु. नि. १/१३
ReferenceC.Chi.28/4, S.Ni.1/13., S.Sha.1/17 D`alhan`a, S.Sha. 4/3 A.H.Su.12/4, A.H.Ni.16/56
Literary MeaningLife, M / W – the breath of life , breath
Implied MeaningThis is one of the five subtypes of Vaata Dosha . It is situated mainly in the mouth and supports the body. It carries food inwards and also sustains other types of Praan`a.
ElaborationIt is situated in the head and moves all over the body. Its actions are mainly observed in the head, chest, heart, throat, nose, and in the umbilicus ( the site of Jaat`haraagni ).
Vitiation of Praan`a Vaayu leads to manifestations like hiccough, heart diseases, S`hvaasa ( breathlessness ), diseases of the sense organs etc.It is one of the twelve Praan`a . These are those entities, which sustain the life process and are equated with life itself. They circulate all over the internal environment through the Rasa . They are twelve in number: Agni Soma Vaayu Sattva Rajas Taamasa , five sense organs and the Soul.
SynonymsPraan`a Vaayu

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