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Etymology/ Definitionप्राणा: प्राणभृतां यत्र श्रिता: सर्वेन्द्रियाणि च ।
यदुत्तमाङ्गमङ्गानां शिरस्तदभिधीयते । च.सू. १७।१२
Literary MeaningM / W – head
Implied MeaningThat part of the body, where the vital centres of all living creatures are situated, which is the seat of all senses, and which is the best of all parts of the body, is labelled as S`hira .
ElaborationS`hira means part of the body above neck. It is a seat for many vital constituents of the body including the sense organs. The receptor of the sense organs may be situated in the body elsewhere but the higher centre is situated in the head. Eyes receive visual stimulus but its capacity of perception, analysis, memorization, retention and remembrance are in the purview of the brain.
It is the universal truth that any traumatic injury to head ( Mastishka ) results in sensory ( functional ) loss.

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