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Etymology/ Definitionप्रतानैः वीरुधः स्मृतः । च. सू. १/७२
प्रतानशब्देन लता गुल्माश्च गृह्यन्ते, यदुक्तं हारिते – ‘लता गुल्माश्च वीरुधः‘ । चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningA creeping plant or a low shrub
Implied MeaningIt is a type of plant which creeps along the ground or climbs with the help of other tree or which grows again after being cut .
ElaborationVeerudh possesses tendrils , with the help of which they climb on the bark of any tree .
Creepers , climbers belong to this category . They are weak stemmed plants and require support to spread . They also need comparatively more water to grow and they have either bulbs or rhizomes as roots to store food .
According to Haarita , Lataa ( any creeping or winding plant or twining tendril ) and Gulma ( a cluster or clump of trees / thicket / bush / shrub ) are also Veerudh .
E . g . Gud ` oochee ( Tinospora cordifolia )
Contemporary ColloquialLataa

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