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Etymology/ Definition उपवासः इति भोजनपरित्यागः । सु.उ.३९/१३४
ReferenceS.U.39/133, C.Su.23/8
Literary MeaningM / W – fasting ( as a religious act with abstinence from all sensual gratification )
Implied MeaningIt is a type of S`hamana Chikitsaa ( pacifying treatment ). To observe fast or to be on restricted diet for a certain period to pacify aggravated Dosha and to convert the accumulated Aama is called Upavaasa.
ElaborationIt is mainly recommended in case of the Paachana ( digestion ) of excess Kapha Dosha . It creates lightness in the body. In Santarpan`ottha diseases ( developed due to excessive satiating ). It is one of the major modalities employed to pacify excessive Kapha and accumulated Aama ( undigested food ).
SynonymsLanghana, Nirannataa

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