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Etymology/ Definitionआगन्तुर्भूतविषवाय्वग्निसंप्रहारादिसमुत्थ: । च. सू. ११/४५
ReferenceC.Su.11/45, C.Su.20/4,7, C.Su.19/6, A.H.Su.4/32
Literary MeaningM / W – accidental
Implied MeaningIt is a type of disease manifesting various ailments developed due to external causative factors.
ElaborationThese exogenous diseases are caused by nails, teeth, fall, spell, curse, and psychic affliction including demoniac seizures etc.
They begin with pain and then they bring about the disturbance in the equilibrium of Dosha .
Mind and body are two sites for development of Aagantu Vyaadhi .
Contemporary ColloquialOf extrinsic origin like trauma

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