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Etymology/ Definitionबृंहणं देहवृद्धिकरम् । सु. सू. ४५/६३ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Su.22/9, S.Su.45/112 D`alhan`a,
S.Su.45/63, C.Chi.10/11
Literary MeaningM / W – big or strong nourishment
Implied MeaningOne of the six Upakrama , six types of applications of medicine.
Brimhan`a Dravya means nutritive substance.
Elaboration1. It is one of the treatment modalities, which is indicated in Kris`ha ( slim ) individuals to increase body mass. Brimhan`a ( nutritive ) action is mainly related with Dhaatu like Maamsa Meda .
These substances possess attributes like Sthira ( stable ), Mridu S`hlakshn`a ( tender yet firm ), Guru ( heavy ), S`heeta ( cold ), Manda ( slow ), Sthoola ( coarse ), Pichchhila ( slimy ).
These substances have dominance of Prithvee and Aapa Mahaabhoota .
3. Brimhan`a Basti is a type of enema, which is indicated in Apatarpan`ottha Vikaara ( diseases caused by depletion of body constituents )
SynonymsBalya, Dehavriddhikaram
Contemporary ColloquialNutritive
AntonymLekhana Kars`han`a Kshapan a

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