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Krichchhra Saadhya

KeywordKrichchhra Saadhya
Etymology/ Definitionनिमित्तपूर्वरूपाणां रूपाणां मध्यमे बले। गर्भिणी वृद्धबालानां नात्युपद्रवपीडितम्॥ द्विपथं नातिकालं वा कृच्छ्रसाध्यं द्विदोषजम्।
च. सू. १०/१४-१६
Literary MeaningDifficult to cure
Implied MeaningDiseases, which are cured with difficulty, are called Krichchhra Saadhya .
ElaborationIt is a subtype of Saadhya diseases, which is classified on the basis of curability. The indicators are:
Involvement of Hetu ( causative factors ), Poorvaroopa ( prodromal symptoms ) and Roopa ( symptoms ) in medium form.
Condition arising out of a combination of two vitiated Dosha.
Developed in pregnancy, children, elderly patients with mild complications
Chronic state or developed in single Roga Maarga ( like S`haakhaa or Marma Asthi Sandhi , in single a pathway of disease ) but lacking in presence of Chatushpaada .
Developed in two Rogamaargaa ( two pathways of diseases ) but in an early stage
Condition, which requires surgical intervention.
SynonymsCured with difficulty
AntonymSukha Saadhya

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