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Etymology/ Definitionशोकः पुत्रादिवियोग चित्तोद्वेगः । सु.सू.१ /२४/३ डल्हण
ReferenceC.V.4/8, C.Su.25/40, S.Su.27/5
Literary MeaningM / W – sorrow , affliction , anguish
Implied MeaningIt is an emotion of great sadness associated with loss of close ones ( e. g. demise of son )
ElaborationSorrow is examined by lack of strength of mind. It is the most dominant thing that causes S`hoshan`a ( depletion of body tissues ). It is one of the causes of various psychological disorder, diarrhea and fever. Happiness is the remedy for sorrow.
It is one of the mental faculties induced by a sudden, unexpected loss of a near and dear one, monies etc. which lead to agitation of the mind and loss of appetites which if prolonged leads to depletion of the body constituents S`hoshan`a.
SynonymsDuhkkha, Vishaada
AntonymHarsha, Prassada, Utshaaha

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