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Trividha Karma

KeywordTrividha Karma
Etymology/ Definition त्रिविध कर्म पूर्वकर्म, प्रधानकर्म, पश्चातकर्मेति:
संशोध्यस्य पाचनस्नेहन स्वेदनानि पूर्वकर्म, वमनविरेचन
बस्ति नस्य शिरामोक्षणानि प्रथानं कर्म, पेयाधन्न
संसर्जनं पश्चातकर्म । सु. सू. ५।३ डल्हण
ReferenceS.Su.5/3 D`alhan`a
Literary MeaningOperative procedures, three – fold division of the procedures
Implied MeaningAll the surgical operations and purificatory procedures ( Panchakarma ) consist of three stages: Poorva Karma ( preparatory stage ), Pradhaana Karma ( main procedure ), Pas`chaat Karma ( post procedural stage ).
ElaborationThere are various aspects of Trividha Karma. E. g. Oleation and sudation are preoperative or preparatory measures ( Poorva Karma ) of Vamana ( emesis ), actual emesis is the chief operative ( Pradhaana Karma ) measure, and measures for restoring strength, complexion and digestive power are the postoperative ( Pas`chaat Karma ) ones. Another viewpoint is that in case of purification, conversion of Aama , oleation and sudation are preparatory measures, emesis, purgation, enema, errhones and puncture are the chief operations whereas intake of suitable diet is a postoperative measure ( Samsarjana Krama ).

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