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Etymology/ Definitionसहायत्वेन उपगच्छन्ति इति उपगानि । च. सू. ४/८ चक्रपाणि
Literary MeaningM / W – ‘ Aasthaapan’a’ means causing to stay or remain ; a strengthening remedy ; an enema of oil , ghee ‘ Upaga’ menas conducive to
Implied MeaningDrugs, which act as supportive and at the same time, enhance the effect of Aasthaapana Basti . These are secondary and supportive drugs to the main drugs, which are use in Aasthaapana Basti .
ElaborationAasthaapana is one of the types of Basti . It is also call as Nirooha Basti . This Basti is call as Aasthaapana Basti as it stabilises the age ( retards aging ) and Dosha ( pacifies Dosha ).
In Aasthaapana Basti, the drugs used are Saindhava , oil, milk, honey and ghee.
The drugs, which support and enhance the action of Aasthaapana Basti are called as Aasthaapanopaga Dravya . E. g. Trivrit ( Operculina turpethum ), Bilva ( Aegle marmelos ) etc.

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