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Etymology/ Definitionदेशस्त्वधिष्ठानम् । च.वि.८।७५ चक्रपाणि देशस्त्वधिष्ठानम् इति कार्यानुगुणोऽननुगुणो वा आधाररूपो देश: । च.वि.८।७५ भूमिदेहप्रभेदेन देशमाहुरिह द्विधा। जाङ्गलं वातभूयिष्ठमनूपं तु कफोल्बणम् अ. हृ.१।२३
ReferenceC.Vi. 8/75
Literary MeaningM / W – Place or Region
Implied Meaning1. Two categories of place ( Des`ha ) are:
A ) Bhoomi – land, geographical distribution
B ) Aatura – ( patient / individual ) involved organ
ElaborationA ) Land implies geographical territory, which as per environmental conditions is divided into three types:
1. Aanoopa – This is Kapha dominanat region
2. Jaangala – This is Vaata dominant region.
3. Saadhaaran`a
B ) It is also referred to as Aatura ( patient )
It is the place ( body ) where pathological changes take place ( Vyaadhi Nirmitee )
Contemporary ColloquialGeographical Distribution
Site of affliction

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