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Braahma Muhoorta

KeywordBraahma Muhoorta
Etymology/ Definitionरात्रेश्चतुर्दशो मुहूर्तो ब्राह्म मुहूर्तः। अ.हृ.सु.२ १ अरुणगदत्त
Implied MeaningThe hours before dawn, one and half hour before sunrise, is called as Braahma Muhoorta . This is an ideal time to start daily routine as at this time there is a positive flow of energy and mental facilities are at their highest level. This is predominant period of Vaata Dosha , which facilitates easy evacuation of bowels.
ElaborationThe daily routine of a person should begin early in the morning. This period of the day is a particularly potent time for spiritual activities. In this period the mind is full of Sattva Gun`a and hence this is the best time for meditation and to acquire supreme knowledge and eternal happiness. As the mind is fresh, one should concentrate on meditation, prayers and studies.

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