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Samsarjana Krama

KeywordSamsarjana Krama
Etymology/ Definition संसर्जनं विरेकादनन्तरं पेयादिक्रमं। अ.हृ.चि.३ २८ अरुणदत्त
ReferenceC.Su.16/25,C.Su.15/16, Chakrapaan`i, C.Si.1/20 Chakrapaan`i, A.H.Su.18/ 29,
Implied MeaningIt is an orderly consumption of specially prepared recipes as per the capacity of Agni ( digestive power ).
ElaborationSequential consumption of recipes is advocated after ( S`hodhana ) purificatory procedures so as to improve Agni gradually. This orderly intake of recipes is called Samsarjana Krama . The order is:
Peyaa ( liquid gruel ), Vilepee ( thick gruel ), Akrita Yoosha, Krita Yoosha, Maamsarasa.
These are increasingly Guru ( heavy ) to digest.
Peyaa is comparatively Laghu ( light ) to digest and Maamsarasa is comparatively guru to digest. The digestion power develops progressively when this sequence is followed.
Failure to follow this sequence may lead to development of certain diseases.

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