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Annavaha Srotas

KeywordAnnavaha Srotas
Etymology/ Definitionअन्नवहे द्वे, तयोर्मूलमामाशयोऽन्नवाहिन्यश्च धमन्यः; तत्र विद्धस्याध्मानं शूलोऽन्नद्वेषश्छर्दि: पिपासाऽऽन्ध्यं मरणं च । सु. शा. ९/१२ अन्नवहानां स्रोतसामामाशयो मूलं वामं च पार्श्वं, प्रदुननां तु खल्वेषामिदं विशेषविज्ञानं भवति; तद्यथा–अनन्नाभिलषणमरोचकविपाकौ छर्दिं च दृष्ट्वाऽन्नवहान्यस्य स्रोतांसि प्रदुष्टानीति विद्यात् । च. वि. ५
ReferenceS.Sha.10/12, C.Vi.5/8
Literary MeaningM/W – Anna means food
Implied MeaningDigestive System from mouth to anus.
ElaborationAnnavaha Srotas is a hollow tubular structure associated with many organs placed in the abdomen, which is from the mouth to the anus.
This is a very important channel in the body for its contribution in digestion of food. Food is the major factor in survival of a living organism. Consumed food is converted into the molecules having attributes resemblalnce to the attributes of tissues ( Seven Dhaatu ) in human body.
Food as it is taken in to the body through mouth and processed in this channel and converted in to the suitable form. Essence part of this nourishes body tissue and remaining is excreted by the body. The excreta formed in this process, is further pushed in the Pakvaas`haya for elimination.
The causes of vitiation of Annavaha Srotas are – Atimaatra ( excessive intake ), Akaala ( consumption of food without hunger ), Ahita Bhojana ( consumption of unwholesome diet ), Agni Vaigun`ya ( unevenness in the digestive capacity ).
Moolasthaana ( origin of the channel ) – Aamaas`haya ( stomach ), Annavaahi Dhamanee, Vaama Paars`hva
Viddha Lakshan`a ( symptoms of derangement ) – Aadhmaana, S`hoola, Annadvesha, Chhardi, Pipaasaa, Aandhya, Maran`a ( in extreme condition )
Vitiation of this Srotas should be treated like Aama Dosha .
Symptoms of vitiation of Annavaha Srotas – Anannaabhilaashaa, Arochaka, Avipaaka, Chhardi .
SynonymsKosht`ha, Mahaanimna, Mahaasrotas, Antah Kosht`ha

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