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Vyaana Vaayu

KeywordVyaana Vaayu
Etymology/ Definitionकृत्स्नदेहचरो व्यानो रससंवहनोद्यत:। स्वेदासृक्स्रावणश्चापि पञ्चधा चेष्टयत्यपि। सु. नि.१ /१७
ReferenceC.Chi.28/9,219, A.H.Su.12/6, S.Ni.1/17
Literary MeaningM / W – one of the five vital airs ( that which circulates or is diffused through the body.
Implied MeaningIt is one of the five subtypes of Vaata Dosha .
Vyaana is mainly located in the heart ( Prabhavasthaana ). It moves all over the body with great speed and it performs activities like walking, flexion, extension at various joints to bring about various functions and voluntary actions.
ElaborationSus`hruta describes five types of movements of Vyaana Vaayu like prasaaran`a ( expansion of body channels ), Aakunchana ( constriction ), Vinamana ( downward movement ), Unnamana ( upwards movement ), Tiryaggamana ( movement in oblique direction, adduction ). Opening and closing of eyelids. Vyaana Vaayu helps to circulate nutrients all over the body to nourish various body parts.
Another equally important function is circulation of Rasa from the heart to the whole body along the three channels and three directions.

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