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Etymology/ Definitionअर्थप्राप्तिर्नाम यत्रैकेनार्थेनोक्तेनापरस्यार्थस्यानुक्तस्यापि सिद्धिः । च.वि.८/४८
Literary MeaningM / W – attainment of meaning , Implied Meaning
Implied MeaningIt is one of the forty – four types of debate ( Vaadamaarga Pada ) described by Charaka . When something explicitly stated, something else, which is not stated, is understood it is Arthapraapti .
ElaborationIt is a way of understanding by implication. E. g. a ) if it is said that a given disease cannot be cured by a nourishing therapy, then it is follows that the disease is curable by emaciating therapy, b ) if it is said that a patient should not eat during daytime, then it implies that he should be given food at night.

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