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Rasa Dhaatu

KeywordRasa Dhaatu
Etymology/ Definitionआहारस्य सम्यक् परिणतस्य यस्तेजोभूतः सारः परमसूक्ष्मः स रसः इत्युच्यते । सु.सू.१४/३
तत्र रस गतौ धातुः अहरहर्गच्छतीत्यतो रसः । सु.सू.१४/१३
ReferenceC.Su.17/64,C.Su.28/10, S.Su.14/13, S.Su15/7, A.H.Su.11/4, A.H.Sha.3/80
Literary MeaningM / W – Body fluid, The word Rasa is derived from the verb ‘ Sara’ which means to move.
Implied MeaningThe Rasa means one, which moves or circulates continually. It is derived from food. The essence or useful part of food after digestion becomes Rasa . The useful part of food is converted into Rasa within a day.
ElaborationVyaana Vaayu controls activity of heart due to which it delivers the Rasa all over the body to nourish all the tissue cells.
Its quantity in the body is nine Anjalee Rasa resembles Kapha and is subtle, cold, and fluid.
After digestion of Rasa emergent higher quality Rasa yields Rakta Dhaatu ( blood ), and the lower quality is converted into Kapha ( as Rasa Dhaatu Mala ). Breast milk ( Stanya ) and menstrual discharge ( Raja ) also originate from Rasa and are termed as Upadhaatu of Rasa. They are responsible for health, complexion and feeling of contentment ( Preen`ana ), satisfaction or satiety. The vitiation of Rasa gives rise to reluctance to carry out normal activities, anorexia, nausea, weak digestive power, fever, restlessness, exestuation, emaciation and dryness of skin, premature greying of hair and wrinkling of skin.
SynonymsAahaara Rasa

Contemporary ColloquialBody fluid, Nutrient fluid

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