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Etymology/ Definitionसंशयो नाम सन्देहलक्षणानुसन्दिग्धेष्वर्थेष्वनिश्चयः। च.वि.८/४३
Literary MeaningM / W – uncertainty, irresolution, hesitation, doubt
Implied MeaningIt is one of the factors in the 44 Vaada Maarga described by Charaka . Want of decision in relation to the various doubtful objects of similar implications is Sams`haya or doubt.
ElaborationTo elaborate let us take an example – There are people endowed with the signs of long life whereas others are not. There are people resorting to therapeutics whereas others do not. Of all these people some are seen to die early and others live long. This creates doubt whether there is a possibility of premature death or not. This doubt ( Sams`haya ) is about Akaala Mrityu ( premature death ).
Contemporary ColloquialIndecision, vacillation
AntonymNis hchaya

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