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Etymology/ Definitionत्रायते शरीरमनेनेति तन्त्रं शास्त्रं चिकित्सा च,तस्य युक्तयो योजनास्तन्त्रयुक्तयः /सु उ.६५/२ डल्हण
ReferenceC.Si.12/41, S.U.65/2, D`alhan`a, S.U.41/6,
A.H.U.40/80 Arun`adatta
Implied MeaningIt is a textual tool to understand different aspects of meanings in a Sootra.
ElaborationIt is a textual device, which is helpful to connect the sentences, clarify terms and bring out hidden ideas.
As sun spreads light everywhere, similarly Tantrayukti enlightens hidden aspects of Tantra.
Number of Tantrayukti as per different Samhitaa.
Samhitaa Number of Tantrayukti
Charaka 36
Sus`hruta 32
Vaagbhat`a 36

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