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Vilambikaa Chikitsaa

C.Chi.15, A.H.Su.8/28, S.U.56/9, Y.R Poorvardha Visoochyaadi Chikitsaa


  • It is the chronic and serious stage of Aamaajeern`a dominated by Leena Kapha and Vaata Dosha.
  • The undigested food stays in the gut without any movement for long time results in this disease (Vaayu and Kaala two of the six Aahaara Parin`aamakara Bhaava_s are at fault due to which the food stays stagnant in the Annavaha Srotas for a longer than normal interval and thus results in Annavisha due to failure of conversion) .
  • According to Sus` hruta Samhitaa, it is Duhchikitsya (difficult to cure).
  • Hemaadri opines that Annavisha explained in Charaka Samhitaa (C.Chi.15/42) is the disease Vilambikaa itself where Vitiated Agni is not capable to digest even Laghu diet which leads further to gain S`huktatva (fermentation) finally causing toxicity . (A.H.Su.8/28 -T`eekaa)

Saamaanya Chikitsaa

  • It should be treated with understanding of its difficult tendency to cure.
  • It should be treated similar to Aamaajeern`a. (A.H.Su.8/28)
  • Urdhva and Adha S`hodhana
  • Naalen Phala Varti
  • S`hodhana Bheshaja (Y.R)
  • Langhana is the main / major treatment of Aamaajeern`a.
  • Further the treatment should be done according to signs and symptoms.

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