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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Naavana

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • Nasya is administration or instilling the drops of medicated oil in the nostrils.


  • For Pittja Vyaadhi Nasya should be administered during Madhyaanhakaala (forenoon).
  • For Kaphaja Vyaadhi Nasya should be administered during Praatahkaala (morning).
  • For Vaataja Vyaadhi Nasya should be administered during Saayamkaala (evening).
  • As preventive measure:
  • During cold season in the afternoon
  • During S`harada season in the morning
  • During Varshaa season when the sky is clear.
  • During Greeshma season in the evening.


  • The medicineshould be madewarm by keeping inside a utensil containing hot water. This warm medicine should be administered. The temperature of the medicine should be around 40 degree C.
  • Pichunaa Naavanaistribhih|                                                Ch.Su.5/67-68
  • A cotton swab should be soaked in the medicine and drops should be instilled squeezing this.

Dose decision: – Snehana Nasya:

  1. Heena Maatraa – 8 drops in each nostril.
  2. Madhyama Maatraa – 16 drops in each nostril.
  3. Uttama Maatraa – 32 drops in each nostril.

Other Description:

  • Naavana is mainly classified into two types i.e. Snehana & S`hodhana.
  • Snehana type of Nasya is indicated in Vaataja and Pittaja Vyaadhi and S`hodhana Nasya indicated in Kaphaja Vyaadhi. Snehana Nasya has mainly strengthening action and S`hodhana Nasya expels the vitiated Dosha out of the body.

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