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Atatvaabhinives`ha Chikitsaa

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Literally, Atatvaabhinives`ha means feeling, affection, determination or adherence to the non-existing things. This is a psychological disorder. It is difficult to treat and due to its nature it is known as Mahaagada.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa

Chikitsaa similar to Apasmaara
        Sansarjana Krama
        Medhya Rasaayana, Medhya Aahaara

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Vyaadhi – Atatvaabhinives`ha, Apasmaara
Adhikaara – Apasmaara
Karma Medhya
Effect on Mana – Mana Kshobhahara, Mana Mohahara, Mana Vyaakulatvahara, Mana Taapahara, Mana Prasaadana.
Effect on Buddhi  Buddhi Bhrama Naas`haka, Buddhi Mohanaas`haka, Buddhi Prasaadana, Buddhi Balaprada.
Effect on Indriya – Indriya Prasaadaka, Indriya Bala Vardhaka

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