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SomaRoga Nidaana

M Ni. Paris`hisht`a

Sandhaaran`aat S`hareerasya Taa Aapah Soma Samdnyitaah |
Tatah Somakshayaat Streen`aam Somaroga Iti Smritah || M Ni. Paris`hisht`a
As body is sustained due to body fluids, it is called as Soma.
This Soma in females gets depleted through the urinary tract; therefore this disease is called as Somaroga.


  • Streen`aam Ati Prasangena excessive sexual act by a woman
  • S`hoka sorrow
  • S`hrama excessive physical stress
  • Gara Visha due to Gara Visha
  • Atisaaraka Yoga


  • Due to indulgence in these Hetu ; Body fluids gets irritated and gets directed towards urinary tract.
  • This fluid is clear (Prasanna), clean (Vimala), cold (S`heeta), without smell (Nirgandha), without pain (Neeruja), white in colour (Sita). It passes in excessive amount.
  • As the woman is weak; she can not retain the urine.
  • She can not get relief from it at all.

Symptoms :

  1. S`hirah S`hithilataa
  2. Mukha S`hosha
  3. Taalu S`hosha
  4. Moorchchhaa
  5. Jrimbhaa
  6. Pralaapa
  7. Tvak Raukshya
  8. She can not get relief from eating or drinking

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