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Kshataksheen`a Chikitsaa

If a wound / cavity occurs in Ura (chest) region in an emaciated person (Rakta, Oja and S`hukra Kshaya) then it produces Kshataksheen`a (The significant debility resulting from a cavity in the chest in a weak and emaciated person is termed as Kshataksheen`a)

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:
The following points like Oja Kshaya, Agni Haanee, Mano Dainya, S`hukra Kshaya and Daarun`a Vyaadhi Svabhaava should be taken into consideration while treating this Vyaadhi.

If Kshataksheen`a is not properly treated then it may lead to Raajayakshmaa.

The medicines and diet which is Santarpan`akar (nourishing), S`heeta (cold in potency), Avidaaeei (non irritant)and Laghu (easy to digest),is wholesome in Kshataksheen`a.

During the course of treatment precaution should be taken to maintain the power of Agni.

The treatment comprises of Sandhaana, Santarpan`a, Balya, Vrishya and Raktastambhaka Chikitsaa.

Charaka has mentioned a special type of formulation called as Sarpigud`a for the treatment of Kshataksheen`a. Sarpigud`a is a formulation like Avaleha but is thicker. It comprises of medicated Ghrita added with S`harkaraa and Madhu. Ghrita is Agni Deepaka, Santarpan`akar, Balya, Avidaahee, Sanskaaraanuvarti and Sarva Dhaatuvardhaka.

Aavasthika Chikitsaa:
Basti S`hoola Vaataghna, Brimhan`a, Vrishya
Mandaagni Deepana, Paachana
Bhinna S`hakrit Graahi Yoga mentioned in Raajayakshmaa Chikitsaa.

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