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Ch.Chi.22, Su.U.48, A.H.Ni.5

Trishn`aa is thirst. Though everyone experiences thirst in his daily routine (Svaabhaavika Roga), excessive thirst is considered as disease.
Trishn`aa is a disease manifested with the increased demand of water. Though a person drinks water repeatedly, there is no satisfaction and demands for water again and again. This is Trishn`aa.
Thus when thirst increases beyond certain limit, it is a disease and named as Trishn`aa.


This is a serious disease and manifests as a complication.

Santatam Yah Pibed Vaari Na Triptim Adhigachchhati |
Punah Kamkshati Toyam Cha Tam Trishn`aarditamaadis`het || A. U. 48.3

(In spite of drinking water again and again, thirst is not fulfilled and a person demands water again, this is a disease Trishn`aa)

Trishn`aa: Types

Charaka SamhitaaSus`hruta SamhitaaVaagbhat`aMaadhava Nidaana
Upasargajaa Upasargajaa 
 Kaphajaa Kaphajaa
 Kshatajaa Kshatajaa
 BhaktanimittajaaBhaktasamrodhaja (Vaata Pitta)Bhaktanimittajaa
  Aamajaa (Vaata Pitta) 
  (Madya) Paanajaa (Pitta) 
  Snehajaa (Pitta) 
  1. Aamajaa (Aagneyaa / Kaphajaa) Chakrapaan`i
  2. Annajaa and Kaphajaa of Sus`hruta are counted in Aamajaa
  3. Kshtajaa of Sus`hruta is counted in Upasargajaa
  4. Kshatajaa (Vran`ajaa D`alhan`a)
  5. Aamasamudbhavaa (Ajeern`ajaa D`alhan`a)

Causative factors:

  • In desiccation of a person, aggravated Vaata and Agni are the two most important factors, without them there can not be dryness in the body.
  • In a person who baths with cold water, the hotness in the body gets obstructed and enters in to the Kosht`ha causing thirst. Therefore, when a person is hot should not get in to the cold water suddenly.
  • Fear, hard physical work, depletion of physical strength causes accumulation of Pitta in the upper channels of the body.


  1. Due to the causative factors Vaata and Pitta are aggravated.
  2. They dry up the Dhaatu of Saumya attribute (Ap Dhaatu S`hoshan`a – dries up the water content in the body) such as KaphaRasa DhaatuUdaka.
  3. This Pitta gets associated with Vaata and harbours in Taalu (palate) manifesting thirst. That vitiates Udakavaha Srotas.
  4. There is drying of Rasavaha Srotas, Jihvaa Moola, Gala, Taalu, Kloma which manifests in the excessive thirst.
  5. As much water is drunk gets dried and the thirst is not pacified.
  6. In the pathogenesis of all types of Trishn`aa, Vaata and Pitta are responsible.

Kaphajaa Trishn`aa
Vaata and Agni both get obstructed by Kapha. Kapha gets fried up resulting in Trishn`aa. The peculiar symptom of Kaphajaa Trishn`aa is oedema on the limbs.
According to Vaagbhat`a, aggravated Kapha obstructs Vaata in Udakavaha Srotas.

Kshatajaa Trishn`aa
Due to blood loss form the wound there is a thirst called as Kshatajaa Trishn`aa.

Aamajaa Trishn`aa
It is Aagneyaa Trishn`aa. It is caused due to aggravation of Piitta due to obstruction caused by Aama. According to Chakrapaan`i, it can be also named as Kaphajaa; as Aama is of same symptoms of Kapha.
Aamajaa Trishn`aa is manifested with the symptoms due to all the Dosha. There is aggravation of all the Dosha due to Ajeern`a.
Aamajaa Trishn `aa is generally caused due to aggravated Pitta and Vaata, therefore it is not counted separately by Vaagbhat`a.

Kshayajaa Trishn`aa
Human body is originated and sustained with Aahaara Rasa. This Aahaara Rasa nourishes human body. When this Aahaara Rasa is depleted, the water content in the body also gets depleted and a person becomes thirsty.

Due to depletion of Rasa Dhaatu, a person is desiccated and suffers from burning sensation. He demands for more and more water. According to some, Kshayajaa Trishn`aa is caused due to Sannipaata. It manifests with the symptoms of RasaKshaya.

Upasargajaa Trishn`aa
This type of thirst appears as a complication of the diseases like Jvara, Prameha, Kshaya, S`hvaasa etc. This is difficult to cure.

Bhaktanimittajaa Trishn`aa
Consumption of unctuous, sour, salty and heavy food causes Trishn`aa.

Snehajaa Trishn`aa
After consumption of Sneha, in a person with high digestive capacity (Teekshn`aagni), Trishn`aa manifested is Snehajaa and it is Pittajaa.

Signs and symptoms

  • Prodromal symptom is dryness in the mouth.
  • Cardinal symptom is desire to have water.
  • There are tremors (Kampa), vertigo (Bhrama), fever (Taapa), burning sensation (Daaha), Moha (infatuation), in all the types of Trishn`aa.

Complications of Trishn`aa

  • Mukha S`hosha
  • SvaraBheda
  • Bhrama
  • Santaapa
  • Pralaapa


  • Taalu Karkas`hataa
  • Osht`ha Karkas`hataa
  • Kan`t`ha Karkas`hataa
  • Citta Naas`ha
  • Jihvaanirgama
  • Aruchi
  • Baadhirya
  • Marmadooyana
  • Saada

Trishn`aaSampraapti and Saadhyaasaadhyatva

 Trishn`aaVaatajaaPittajaaAamajaaKshayajaa(Rasa Kshayajaa) (S)UpasargajaaKaphaja (S)Kshatajaa (S)Bhaktodbhavaa
AvayavaJihvaa Moola GalaTaaluKlomaS`hankhaS`hira  HridayaGalaTaalu    
Anupas`haya S`heeta Jala       
Saadhya Saadhya T`eekaaSaadhya T`eekaa   SaadhyaT`eekaaSaadhyaT`eekaa 
Krichchhra   Kasht`asaadhyaT`eekaaKasht`asaaadhyaT`eekaaKrichchhrasaadhya  Kasht`asaaadhya 
AsaadhyaRogaprasaktaKris`haPrasakta VamiprasaktaUpadravayuktaKsheen`a Vichitta Rugn`aBadhira Rugn`a Nirgata Jihva Rugn`a         
DoshaVaata Pravriddha (Prakopa)Pitta Pravriddha (PrakopaVaata PrakopaPitta PrakopaAama Avarodha Janita Pitta PrakopaTridoshajaVaata Pitta Pradhaana Arun`adattaTridosha Prakopa (Sannipaataad iti Kechid) Kaphaavrita Anila Kaphaavrita AnalaKapha S`hushka  
DhaatuSaumya Dhaatu S`hoshan`a   Rasa Kshaya    
SrotasRasavaha S. S`hoshaAmbuvaha S. Dusht`iSroto Rodha       
Agni      Agni Kaphasamvrita  
Effect on othersUdaka S`hosha   Udaka Kshaya    

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