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Vaajeekaran`a Chikitsaa

  • Reference
    A. H. U. 40
    C. Chi. 2 (Paada 1 to 4)
    S. Chi. 26
    Y. R. Uttaraardha Vaajeekaran`a
  • Introduction
    Vaajeekaran`a is one of the eight branches of Aayurveda which deals with improving the strength and the reproductive capacity and sexual performance of an individual
    Vaaji S`hukra Chakradatta
    With this reference the treatment in which the sperm count is increased in a person is known as Vaajeekaran`a.
    This treatment or course of medication is for an adult who is healthy and uses aphrodisiacs regularly sexual intercourse is not forbidden in any season or day.
    This modality is administered to reproductive males who have an active sexual life and who are used to consume aphrodisiacs, indulgence in sexual gratification in any season of the year during the treatment is not forbidden.
    Dehasyaoorjaskara Param To increase the body energy and strength
    A beautiful woman is said to be the best Vaajeekaran`a
    All these treatment procedures should be carried out for the result of an ideal child.
    All these treatment measures should be carried out to beget a healthy progeny.
    Vaji is a synonym for a horse hence a treatment modality that makes a person perform sexually like a horse and which leads to quantitative, qualitative improvement of S`hukra is termed as Vaajeekaran`a.
    With these measures the person becomes potent and powerful and capable of satisfying his partner.
  • Poorvakarma / Prerequisite

Snehana and Svedana
Type of treatment
Three types

  • Production of healthy S`hukra
  • Ejaculation of the healthy S`hukra
  • Production and ejaculation of the healthy S`hukra
  • Chikitsaa
  • Dusht`a S`hukra
  • Alpa S`hukra
  • Ksheen`a S`hukra
  • S`hushka S`hukra

The drugs which have MadhuraSnigdhaJeevaneeyaBrihan`eeya and Guru properties and the drugs which are pleasing to the mind are all considered as Vaajeekaran`a drugs which should be used whenever and wherever indicated.

  • Dusht`a S`hukra
  • Baahya Chikitsaa Siraavyadha, Basti, Virechana.
  • Abhyantara Chikitsaa – Aahaara and Aushadha
  • Alpa S`hukra

         Abhyantara Chikitsaa – Aahaara and Aushadha

  • Ksheen`a S`hukra
    • Abhyantara Chikitsaa – Aahaara and Aushadha
  • S`hushka S`hukra
    • Baahya Chikitsaa Snehana, Anuvaasana and Aasthaapana Basti
  • Precautions
  • Before starting the medication Shodhana of the body is essential.
  • Persons who desire for the longevity of life should avoid partner below sixteen years and above seventy years for having sex.
  • Search Help
  • Kalpa
    Adhikaar Vaajeekaran`a, Klaibya
    Karma Vaajeekaran`a And / OR Vrishya
    Effect on Dhaatu S`hukra Vardhaka / S`hukrala / S`hukravridhi / S`hukrastambhaka
    Vyaadhi Klaibya
  • Aahaara
    Adhikaar – Vaajeekaran`a
    Karma Vaajeekaran`a And / OR Vrishya
    Effect on Dhaatu S`hukra Vriddhi
  • Dravya
    Agrya / Hitatama / Ahitatama Vrishya
    Karma Vaajeekaran`a And / OR Vrishya
    Effect on Dhaatu S`hukra Vriddhi
  • Chikitsaa Karma
    Chikitsaa Karma Vaajeekaran`a
    Anuvaasana Basti and Aasthaapana / Nirooha Basti

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