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Chikitsaa Prakaara: Aaharan`a

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

  • This is one of the eight S`hastrakarma described by Sus`hrita.
  • Nirharan`a – Expelling out the contents present inside the cavity or wound.
  • S`halya Aaharan`a – The procedure in which the foreign body is removed from the wound.


  • For removing ear-wax or the foreign body from wounds, Yantra should be used.
  • For removing stools from rectum, first Anuvaasana Basti should be administered and then the stools should be removed with the help of fingers.
  • For removing Danta S`harkaraa S`hastra should be used.
  • For Mootra S`harkaraa and As`hmaree, Aaharan`a should be done.
  • For removing foreign body from nose etc. Kankamukha Yantra should be used.


  • Dahana Karma if required and as indicated in Mootraas`hmaree.
  • Lepa if indicated.
  • Aas`hvaasana Chikitsaa
  • Then Vran`akarma should be done. For this the collections should be totally removed and medicinal Varti should be placed over the wound. Then Kavalikaa should be keptover the wound and Bandha (bandage) applied.
  • Vran`a Dhoopana.
  • Dhoopana of the room of patient and bed of the patient.

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