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Madaatyaya, Dvamsaka, Vikshaya Chikitsaa

Madaatyaya Chikitsaa

C.Chi.24, S.U.47, A.H.Chi.7, N.R. Madaatyaya

Introduction: Madaatyaya (intoxication) is due to inappropriate consumption of Madya (wine / alcohol) as a result of which the mind and sense organs become deranged.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:

All types of Madaatyaya are Tridoshaja only. Hence the treatment should be based on the predominance of the Dosha. Such measures, which help to combat the same Dosha, should be adopted. Kapha Sthaana should be targeted first, as Pitta and Vaata Dosha vitiate later.

The disorder which results from intake of Madya in Mithya (improper), Ati (excess) or Heena (less) should be managed by drinking Madya in Sama (endurable) Maatra (dose). Madya due to which the intoxication has set in, the same should be used in appropriate quantity or else the person gets afflicted permanently.

Diet and drugs should be cooling, palatable, fragrant and tasty according to Dosha. In all types of Madaatyaya, Sugandhi Gun`a is advised.

If any illness is associated with Madaatyaya then it should be treated accordingly along with Madaatyaya.

Duration of the treatment: 7 to 8 days.

When all the complications subside then eliminative measures such as Vamana and Virechana should be adopted.

Madya brings about disturbance in both mind and body, as Harshan`a chikitsa calms down it should be adopted.

Anutarsha: This is the dose described or used for drinking spirituous liquors. The dose should be such that it does not cause any disturbance to the mental faculty; on feeling thirsty Madya should be mixed with adequate quantity of water such that it does not cause intoxication.

Significance of milk in Madya: (Madaatyaya)

Milk, which has similar properties to that of Ojas, replenishes the person who is depleted due to excess of drinking.

Avasthika Chikitsaa:
If there is excess precipitation of the Dosha and the person suffers from excess of burning sensation and thirst, then one should infer that Kapha and Pitta Dosha are excessively vitiated in the Aamashaya and measures to counteract should be adopted.


  • When the heat of Madya gets combined with Pitta and Rakta reaches the skin, Daaha appears. Pittaghna Chikitsa measures should be adopted in this case.
  • For vitiated blood circulation, Langhana is advised. Also meat soup of wild animals and blood letting from the Rohin`ee veins situated in the extremities is advised.
  • Treatment similar to Pittaja Jvara should be adopted.
  • If Daaha is due to suppression of thirst, all such measures which are cooling and similar to Pittaja Jvara should be adopted.


  • Madya in less quantity should be given.
  • Madya should be mixed with adequate quantity of water and given.


Rasa- Puraan`a S`haalee, Shasht`ika S`haalee, Yava
Dhaanya- Mudga, Maasha, Sateena
S`haaka- Tan`d`uleeyaka, Pat`ola
Maamsa- Harin`a, Tittira, Laavaa, Ajaa, Mayoora, S`has`ha Maamsarasa
Dugdha- Dugdha, Jeern`a Ghrita
Drava- S`heeta Jala, Madya
Phala- Maatulunga, Parushaka, Kharjoora, Daad`ima, Aamalakee, Naarikela, Draakshaa
Kritaanna- Raaga, Shaad`ava, Vesavaara, Khaand`ava,
Other- Karpoora, S`harkaraa, S`hodhana, S`hamana, Nidraa, Langhana, Shrama, Vaata Sevana

Svedana, Dhoompaana, Naavana, Dantagharshan`am, Taambula Sevana

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Dvamsaka, Vikshaya Chikitsaa

C.Chi.24, A.H.Chi.7

After de-addiction if one resorts to excess of drinking Madya, then one suffers from Dvamsaka and Vikshaya disorders. If a de-addicted alcoholic either during his withdrawal state or later, reverts to consuming alcohol then he may suffer from one of these diseases.

Saamaanya Chikitsaa:
Dvamsaka should be treated as Vaataja Madaatyaya that includes:

Vaatahara Chikitsaa
Ghrita Paana
Vaatahara, Annapaana
Use of milk and ghee

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