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S`hosha Chikitsaa

S. U. 41/34-60, CChi. 8, A. H. Chi. 5

According to Sus`hruta, S`hosha is a disease which is of high severity and is difficult to diagnose and eliminate. Before manifesting it is preceded by many diseases and after manifestation many diseases follow it.

It is known as S`hosha because it dries up Rasa etc. Dhaatu. It also reduces various functions in the body and hence called as KshayaOther people call it as Raajayakshmaa as this disease affected the Moon the king of celestial bodies and constellations (Naks`hatra).

Vaagbhat`a however interprets that as it is the king (chief) of diseases so it is known as Raajayakshmaa. This disease wants attention equivalent to a king hence the name Raajayakshmaa

Types of S`hosha (According to Sus`hruta)

  • Vyavaayaja S`hosha
  • S`hokaja S`hosha
  • Jaraaja S`hosha
  • Adhvaja S`hosha
  • Vyaayaamaja S`hosha
  • Upavaasaja S`hosha
  • Vran`aja S`hosha
  • Urahkshatajanya S`hosha

Types of Raajayakshmaa (according to Charaka and Vaagabhat`a)

  • Saahasaja Raajayakshmaa
  • Sandhaaran`aja Raajayakshmaa
  • Kshayaja Raajayakshmaa
  • Vishamaas`hanaja Raajayakshmaa

According to Sus`hruta, in all the seven types of S`hosha, all the symptoms of Raajayakshmaa caused by three Dosha do not reflect hence these should be treated as Kshaya due to wasting of Dhaatu (Dhaatukshaya)

Even though these seven categories show some commonality with Raajayakshamaa wasting of some Dhaatu; they differ in some aspects. Hence, Sus`hruta prefers to describe them as S`hosha.

Similar Chikitsaa
S`hosha Chikitsaa should be done as Dhaatukshaya Chikitsaa

  • Saamaanya Chikitsaa
    • Daivavyapaas`hraya
      • Udaara Vishaya Sevana
      • Deva, Vipra, Guru, Poojana
      • Veda Vaachana, S`hravan`a
  • Yuktivyapaas`hraya
    • Snehana
    • Oordhva, Adha Samsh`hodhana (in case of Balvaan Rugn`a)
    • Aasthaapana Basti
    • S`hirovirechana
    • Samsh`odhana Krama
    • Brimhan`a Chikitsaa.
    • Ghrita mentioned in Pleehodara Chikitsaa should be used in S`hosha patient.

Vis`hesha Chikitsaa

  • S`hokaja S`hosha Satvaavajaya Chikitsaa
  • Vyavaayaja S`hosha Chikitsaa
    • Brimhan `a Chikitsaa Siddha Ghrita Vaataghna
    • Aahaara etc.Siddha Maamsarasa
  • Jaraaja S`hosha Rasaayana Chikitsaa
  • Adhvaja S`hosha Chikitsaa similar to Ooraks`hata
  • Upavaasaja S`hosha Chikitsaa similar to Vran`aja S`hosha
  • Vran`aja S`hosha Rakta Vardhaka Chikitsaa, (Asaadhyatam)
  • Urahkshatajanya S`hosha Chikitsaa similar to Kshataksheen`a

Upadrava Chikitsaa

  • Upadrava like Svaravikritee should be treated with their respective Chikitsaa.

Special Precautions
Pariharet (Parihaaran`eeya / Varjanneya)
Following Vihaara should be avoided by the person suffering from S`hosha.

  • S`hoka
  • Streesanga
  • Krodha
  • Asooyaa

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