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S.U.40,A.H.Ni.8, A.H.Chi.9,M.Ni.3

Pravaahikaa is not separately described by Charaka and Vaagbhat`a, but it is described by Sus`hruta. D`alhan`a has explained Pravaahikaa as a type of Atisaara.

Nirukti and Svaroopa
Pravaahamaan`Asya Pravaahikaa | S.U.40/138

Pravaahamaan`a Iti Preryamaan`a – S.U.40/138, D`alhan`a

  1. Visramsee (Aachaarya Bhoja has given this name)
  2. Antargranthi (Aachaarya Paraas`hara has given his name)
  3. Nis`hchaarakaa (Aachaarya Haarita has given this name)
  4. Bimbeesee


  1. In a person engaged in unwholesome diet, Kapha gets accumulated in the Annavaha Srotas.
  2. This Kapha is forcefully pushed to Guda by aggravated Vaayu.
  3. This Kapha is carried off (Pravaahan`a) with Mala (Pureesha) repeatedly.
  4. This is called as Pravaahikaa.
  1. D`alhn`a says that not only accumulated (ChayaKapha is carried off but there may also be the Pitta or Rakta which can be carried off to Guda.
  2. Whereas in commentary of Maadhava Nidaana it is said that only Kapha is carried off with Mala.


  1. Vaatajaa with pain
  2. Pittajaa with burning sensation
  3. Kaphajaa with Kapha
  4. S`hon`itajaa (Raktajaa) with Rakta

All the types of Pravaahikaa_s are caused due to consumption of Rooksha and Snigdha food. Pravaahikaa, also has two conditions, VizAama Pravaahikaa and Pakva Avasthaa. The signs and symptoms of Pravaahikaa are same as that of Atisaara.

Pravaahikaa is described in context with Atisaara. For example, in A.H.Chi.9/118, a condition is explained where Kaphaja Atisaara is explained where Pravaahikaa may present. Also, in A.H.Ni.8/10, it is said that Kaphaja Atisaara is with Pravaahikaa.

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