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Chikitsaa Prakaara:Anagni Sveda Vyaayaama

Prakaara Paribhaashaa:

Anagni Sveda – It is an indirect method of fomentation i.e. the patient doesnt come in direct contact with any hot material or steam etc.
Physical action, which is desirable and is capable of bringing about body stability and strength, is known as Vyaayaama.

Chikitsaa Karma:

Analasya (non idleness)
Dukkha Sahishn`utaa (capacity to endure more stress and strain)
Karma Saamarthya (enhances capacity to work)
Sphoortida (refreshing)

Other Description:

It is one of the types of Langhana.
Due to Vyaayaama fomentation occurs at the level of Maamsa Dhaatu and Meda Dhaatu.
Excess of physical exertion causes movement of Dosha from Kosht`ha to S`haakhaa due to increased Chala Gun`a of Vaata Dosha.
Excess physical exertion causes vitiation of Praan`a Vaayu.
Excess physical exertion causes vitiation of Asthivaha Srotas, Praan`avaha Srotas and Svedavaha Srotas.
Excess physical exertion causes Ojakshaya.
Excess physical exertion causes Rakta Vidaaha.

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